CHARGE Junior Voices

CHARGE Junior Voices is a celebration of music and song for participants aged 8-10.


CHARGE Voices is a brand-new, phenomenal, multi-faceted youth performance company.


Expect a spectacular ensemble of the region’s most talented young singers, blending Pitch Perfect harmonies, nailing mind-blowing solos and stunning audiences with incredible live performances.


Through weekly workshops and rehearsals, CHARGE Voices will explore all aspects of solo and ensemble singing from vocal technique and acting through song to performance skills and confidence building. You will discover a wide range of popular music genres from gospel and acapella to pop and musical theatre as you prepare for performances, record demos and audition tracks and create a portfolio of music.


No more singing in the shower or belting Beyonce in the car, we want to showcase your talent on a regional and national scale. With plenty of performance opportunities, including festivals, live events, tours and competitions, get ready to change the tune with CHARGE Voices.


Come and meet new friends, learn new skills, build your repertoire and prepare for some spectacular live performances in this challenging and fun new youth performance company.