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Thank you to everyone that attended our alumni event! We had a wonderful time taking a step back in time with so many CAPA College graduates - make sure to opt into emails so that we can contact you for future events!⭐ Read all about the day here: hours ago 5
RT @reecemcmahon: I left @CAPACOLLEGE in 2014. It’s just as much a family now as it was then - such a great trip down memory lane today wit…3 days ago 2
What an AMAZING day reuniting the CAPA College alumni!! 💛 Thank you to everyone that joined in today, there was an incredible turn out. We hope that you have enjoyed the day as much as we have! Here are just some of the highlights from today! #CAPACollegeFam #StepBackInTime days ago 3
RT @lukejharley: So so so so amazing to see such lovely happy faces today at the @CAPACOLLEGE event. I miss it so much and can’t wait to go…3 days ago 2
RT @cam_wright30: What an amazing morning catching up with @CAPACOLLEGE staff and alumni - it was so good to see everyone! Miss you all mor…3 days ago 2
RT @DominicBooth_: had an absolute BLAST with @CAPACOLLEGE and the rest of the Alumni today! so heart warming to see so many familiar faces…4 days ago 2
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RT @joey97t: What a fantastic day, having a good dance and catchup with the @CAPACOLLEGE family! It’s so great seeing everyone’s faces even…4 days ago 2
Amazing to see so many CAPA College alumni enjoying today's virtual reunion event!💛 days ago 2
RT @Sophie_Devs: My heart is SO FULL (and face is very red) after an @AlexBowen92 jazz class this morning. Been waiting 2 years for that an…4 days ago 4

CAPA College’s Drama Festival 2020 sees students shine over four performances 

The 24th February saw the start of the CAPA College Drama Festival 2020 showcasing the A Level drama performance exams. The event ran over four nights with a jam-packed programme of 16 plays being performed spectacularly by students! 

CAPA College is a DFE-Funded Frees School which provides students with intensive fulltime practical training alongside the rigour of academic Arts study, with students gaining the equivalent to four A Levels. This combination of professional training and academia ensures that students develop the skills, training, experience, knowledge, understanding and qualifications to progress to higher education.  

The Drama Festival saw year two Drama and Musical Theatre pathways perform to audiences along with an external examiner, with students confidently tackling themes from family conflict to workplace dramas and bereavement. Each performance was done with the greatest levels of maturity and professionalism, displaying the students incredible acting skills.  

Katy Dartsch, Pathway Leader for Drama at CAPA College says, We are so proud of all of the students who were involved in the exams. The fantastic collaboration between students from the Musical Theatre, Drama and Production Arts curriculum pathways resulted in some absolutely incredible performances. The progress that has been made since first year was just staggering. Well done everyone!” 

With the support and guidance from the first-class drama faculty at CAPA College, the students developed their acting into polished plays with performances ranging from poignant and moving to light-hearted and funny. Each play used props and lighting to create spell-binding performances – A huge thank you to the Production & Media pathway for setting each play so wonderfully! 

Thank you to everyone that came to support the Drama Festival 2020 and a huge well done to all the students involved for all your extremely hard work, it was definitely worth it. 

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