Get Involved

How schools can get involved with CHARGE Education workshops.

Your school can book a variety of workshops with our teaching staff and artists affiliated to CAPA College. We can offer workshops catered to the individual needs of your school, for example events to help support your curriculum or workshops to help promote Creative and Performing Arts within your school.


Workshop times and durations can cater to the individual school and cohorts interested.


For further information and to book a workshop, please email

Dance Workshops 


The workshop will be centred around a specific dance style of your choice, including Contemporary Dance, Commercial/Urban or Theatre Jazz.  In the choice of your style, we will teach movement phrases that help support the fundamental skills of the dance genre.


We also provide the opportunity for students to develop their creative skills by allowing students to explore different choreography styles in a fun and inspiring way.

Drama Workshops  


Students will have the opportunity to develop skills in improvisation and performance as well as developing new devised material. They will learn different approaches to actor training including physical and vocal expression, movement and spontaneity.


Workshops could focus on the understanding of the principles of being part of an ensemble and/or text focused theatre.

Singing Workshops  


Singing workshops cover the key skills of breathing, posture and head positioning, accessing the chest voice, manipulating tone and acting through song.


Everyone has a voice, all we need to do is find it and refine it! Through confidence building exercises and vocal exploration we can help students access the tools that they already have and excel. The aim is always to encourage students to feel confident with their new found voice – once that has happened, our work is done.