RESPECT in every lesson, everywhere, every day


Our RESPECT agenda is embedded within our curriculum intent and aims for our students to become tolerant, empowered, fair and responsible citizens and artists.  CAPA College aims to combine the British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith. This is delivered through everything we do – creative projects, lessons and particularly through our tutorial and careers programmes – CONNECT & REFLECT and Life After CAPA College.


We aim to allow students to develop a world-view and understand their place within it. We want them to be aware of sustainability, history and current events. Our approach aims to encourage empathy and understanding with a chance for students to explore their own perspectives, deal with differences of opinionand be mindful of privilege and inequality in a safe, nurturing and creative environment.


CAPA College has a commitment to reflect and celebrate diversity, including minority and marginalised voices, across our curriculum and in everything we do.  Our curriculum aims to be culturally rich and representative of society, ensuring that artists of all racial backgrounds, genders and sexualities are represented and their works explored. CAPA College also aims to continually reflect on and improve our own practice and welcomes an open dialogue with students, staff, parents, alumni and the wider community.

Omari Douglas – It’s A Sin (Channel 4)

“I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to speak with your students. They were incredibly attentive but equally willing to engage with the conversation and voice their opinions. It was really quite inspiring for me because I felt like I was able to talk on subjects that I wouldn’t always open up about with students – that’s a testament to their maturity.”

Dylan – CAPA College student

” Throughout the college, students and staff can feel open to discuss anything not only in college but what’s happening in the entire world. Whether it’s issues of equality and diversity or other pressing things that worry you. In Drama we discuss in depth what scripts are trying to tell us and we look at works by black writers, plays about the LGBTQ+ community.”

Luella – CAPA College student

“At CAPA College people respect other disciplines, artistry and style. It is a constant changing environment where we learn from all backgrounds and beliefs. In tutorials we learn about the wider world. In lessons we explore styles from practitioners of different backgrounds and different faiths.”

Michael Marquez – CAPA College Dance Teacher

“At CAPA College, there is a core of RESPECT for everyone’s stories, individuality and artistry. By acknowledging the rich and diverse journeys of everyone, we fill with creativity, warmth and kindness every step, note, line, design…and of course every smile!

RESPECT in our Curriculum

Black History Month

CAPA College celebrate Black History Month in October. In 2020, tutorials were organised to give staff and students a chance to share and discuss their own black heroes who have inspired them. The Drama Pathway also took the opportunity to study plays by contemporary black female playwrights including Winsome Pinnock, debbie tucker green and Somalia Seaton. Musical Theatre Pathway students explored the origins of musical theatre and the influence of black jazz musicians and composers. There was a focus on music by black artists to accompany Dance Pathway classes.


This year we had a student takeover as part of Black History Month. Students from across all pathways worked together to organise and lead tutorials on the key themes of Black British History, Queer Black History and The Anti-Racist Agenda. Students then had the chance to explore and discuss these themes in tutorials, before the student takeover was shared to the public on Instagram stories.


“Our tutorials during Black History Month were so important and eye-opening.”

  • Tilly, Year 1 Musical Theatre Student


During the first UK lockdown, CAPA College students and professional artists worked together remotely to produce Pledge, a powerful film that collated creative responses to the Black Lives Matter movement.  


CAPA College were able to offer a framework for structured discussions in which students were empowered to share their responses to racial inequality through the use of spoken word and movement.


CAPA College’s Outreach and Education Programme, CHARGE, has now received funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire’s Safer Communities Fund in order to take this important project even furtherCHARGE will endeavour to deepen the conversation surrounding race and inequality by developing Pledge into a streamed performance piece with an accompanying creative workshop tour for secondary schools in order to continue open discussion and education on race and identity. 


“CAPA College received funding as part of a special round of my Safer Communities Fund aimed at supporting our diverse communities. Having these open discussions as well as learning about race and other cultures from a young age is so important and helps to increase better understanding and community cohesion. CAPA College are doing this using an engaging medium which is sure to capture the attention of younger and older people alike, my thanks to the whole team for all their work on this programme.”

Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC)

Students have started script development with guest artist Dermot Daly

LGBTQ+ History Month

As part of the LGBT+ History Month, CAPA College hosted an ‘It’s a Sin’ inspired CONNECT tutorial. Second year student Jamie lead the session on the incredibly important topic of the history of AIDS.


The students also had the opportunity to take part in the pastoral takeover based on the LBGTQ+ community and how to be an ally! The pastoral takeover created an open and safe environment for students to discuss their personal experiences with sexuality in a supportive space.


“I think it is so important that we share our stories and hear about other people’s so that we know we’re not alone, not just as part of the LGBTQ community, but just as people. It was just a nice, safe environment to do so.”

  • Year 1 Student, Drama Pathway

Remote Masterclasses

CAPA College has broadened the range of online classes and enrichment opportunities for its students during remote learning through introducing a weekly programme of masterclasses. 


As well as live dance classes, nutrition workshops, scriptwriting sessions, digital media masterclasses plus much more, students will have the unique opportunity to take part in question and answer sessions with these acclaimed guests, allowing them to gain valuable careers advice on the Arts industry from experts within their field. 


Just some of the diverse masterclass programme includes:

  • Q&A session with Channel 4’s It’s A Sin’s Omari Douglas
  • Everybody’s Talking About Jamie workshop with Jess Meegan
  • Dance wellbeing and performance nutrition masterclass with Jason Boyle
  • Careers Q&A with New Diorama Theatre Producer Reece McMahon
  • Art principle workshop with 3D Environment Artist Leila Dailly
  • Mock auditions with Book of Mormon star George Griffiths

“In the recent masterclasses we have partaken in, Omari Douglas explained how diverse the performing arts industry is and how you should treat others with respect and be kind.”

  • Thomas, Year 1 Musical Theatre Pathway


“The students at CAPA College were a pleasure to work with! Every single student really challenged themselves with a different style, in which they performed and demonstrated with excellency, and confidence. Not only that, but they had such respectful work ethics.”

Jess Meegan, Everybody’s Talking Jamie (UK Tour)


With global warming and environmental issues rapidly coming to the forefront of discussion in recent years, CAPA College’s ‘Rise’ tackles the difficult truths surrounding man-made climate change. It explored the physical consequences of rising seas, and the emotional impact on young people. 


CAPA College students were invited to the British Council as part of the Global Learning Conference to perform the water inspired piece.


“At the #GlobalCurriculumUK event we just watched a barnstorming, scary, inspirational, joyful performance from CAPA College. If we weren’t convinced of the power and commitment of learners to social justice and climate action we are now. Incredible.”

  • The English Association


‘Rise’ was then performed to over 2000 people at the Yorkshire Schools Dance Festival. The event showcased CAPA College students alongside children and young people from 56 other primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and community dance groups. Over 1,200 dancers performed at the non-competitive event over four days, with all ages and dance styles being showcased and celebrated. It was a sensational display of dance and an honour to perform amongst so many other talented schools.