CAPA College begin research and development for play ‘If Not Now, When?’ by launching an insightful new podcast 


CAPA College received National Lottery Project Grants funding from Arts Council England to develop, If Not Now, When?, written by young, emerging writer Isabel Hague (read more here). Research and development has now begun for the CAPA College student’s 2019 National Theatre New Views annual playwriting competition winning play If Not Now, When?, which is set to tour across the Yorkshire region. 


The play will be performed by CAPA College’s in-house theatre company, Momentum Theatre, directed by in-house directors Stacey Johnstone and Katy Dartsch and supported by guest director, Joseph Hancock who will contribute to making If Not Now, When? a full-length studio performance of 80 minutes.  


Despite the current uncertain times brought by the UK lockdown meaning that R&D must begin in an unconventional way, the show must go on! CAPA College’s Momentum Theatre have already begun online workshops ensuring that the project continues with strength. 


Director, Stacey Johnstone says: “Like many companies, funded and/or planned projects are one of those things we are holding on to and carry with us through these isolated but not entirely disconnected times. These projects are the good kinds of baggage, the things we choose to carry forwards with us. The very title of the show is what many people will be asking of venues If Not Now, When? We are sitting with “when”, being in the future, a future that will inevitably happen, after many deep breaths together.” 


If Not Now, When?, explores character Liam’s turbulent relationship with his sister Chelsey. Liam is misusing alcohol, but Chelsey sees his potential. In a world fractured by their family’s past, Chelsey and Liam try to piece together their future. As the R&D begins, it is important for the cast to explore the character relationships to create a meaningful and poignant play. Isabel Hague says, “Their relationship is clearly unique but despite the fact they are siblings by definition, they will always be friends by choice.” 


Director Stacey Johnstone has begun documenting this process in an insightful new podcast. Starting with characterisation, continue to follow the journey of Momentum Theatre’s R&D of If Not Now, Whenin weekly new podcasts which will be added to this news story. Listen to week one’s podcast below: