CAPA College students return to the stage to perform Originals: 4 Original Dance Pieces 


It is the moment we’ve been waiting for! CAPA College students return to the stage for two evenings of live performance at Unity Hall, Wakefield on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st October. 


After an uncertain 18 months of theatre closures, virtual open days and live streamed performances, this week second year students at CAPA College will don their dancing shoes and take to the stage once more in a spectacular evening of new and original dance. 


Originals is a bright, explosive and innovative evening of dance which incorporates four new routines choreographed by the College’s award-winning team of teachers and performers. 


Created by Eddie Copp and Keith Luke Gillott, U.D.A. explores the relationship between Users and networked technologies, the flow of Data and the role of Artificial Intelligence. The use of multimedia will take you on a journey from the first input of source code, through to the evolution of Artificial Intelligence. 


Bloom celebrates the journey from childhood into young adulthood. It portrays different stages of growth, from physical exploration and self-discovery, diving into emotional and instinctual energies and finally leaping into full bloom of young adulthood. It was created by the dynamic team of Michael Marquez and Tom Tindall. 


Welcome to the House of Disco! Disco Fever, choreographed by Amelia Rose Fielding & Lucy Aspinwall, transports you back to the noughties with a Jazz Funk medley of Kylie Monogue. Prepare yourself for a spectacular celebration of the princess of pop’s best hits. 


Finally, I Got Rhythm is a homage to some of Hollywood’s most iconic musicals. It’s bold, it’s spectacular… CAPA College certainly does have rhythm in this high-energy routine which was created for stage by Sean Selby & Amelia- Rose Fielding. 


CAPA College is home to the North’s most talented, up-and-coming young performers and this spectacular performance is sure to be one to watch. The future of British dance starts right here! 


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