Children In Care Choir


CHARGE Outreach singing workshops with Wakefield Children in Care


Wakefield Children in Care meet once a week to participate in singing workshops led by the CHARGE team. These workshops are aimed to increase the children’s confidence, self-esteem, trust building and also to improve their skills in one thing that they all love; singing together in a choir.


Since this project launched in October 2019, the children have formed a choir called CICC. The choir made their debut in 2019 as they performed as guests at the LAC Awards, Wakefield and have performed at numerous events since.

“When the Children in Care Choir came together, I was very nervous about going but I soon started to enjoy the practices and made new friends with other foster children from Wakefield. Also, the CAPA College students were really kind and helpful too. I loved performing our songs events and even had the courage to sing a solo in one of them.” –

Richard, Age 9


“I think CICC is important because it’s another way that we can get our voices heard. Each time we perform as a group I feel like we give a deeper message than just talking alone. With CICC I have made so many friends and it has given me more confidence to address a crowd.” –

Shannon, Age 16


“CICC was good for me, my sister and my foster sister because we were able to do what we love to do which is singing. We were able to make new friends and find friends that we used to know when we were younger. It also helped us build confidence in talking to new people. We had loads of fun when we were learning the new songs, and it was a great experience for us all.” –

Celina, Age 16