The Governance of CAPA College is carried out by members of the LGB (Local Governing Board) together with Trustees of Enhance Academy Trust who have specific skills and interests in the education of pupils aged 16-19 in the Performing Arts in Wakefield and Yorkshire.


The following are responsible for the Governance of CAPA College:

Jo Butterworth (Member of the LGB)

Kevin Jones (CEO of Enhance Academy Trust and Accounting Officer)

John McLeod (Trustee and Member of Enhance Academy Trust)

Fiona McMahon (Trustee of Enhance Academy Trust)

Janet Milne (Trustee of Enhance Academy Trust)

Claire Nicholson (Principal)

Lou O’Brien (Chair and Member of the LGB)

Pat Thompson (Member of the LGB)

The governors are supported by Rachael Hughes (Clerk to the Governors of CAPA College)


Please find more information in the Governance Handbook.

Governing Body Register of Business Interests